Just for starters


22429779_1466732286738150_7998429376712540160_n         Hi, my name is Nicole Kvasnyuk. I am a wife to Dmitry, a mom to my two beautiful girls Naomi Demitria &Chloe Noelle. We recently moved from Seattle to SoCal. I have one busy schedule with two little ones under the age of two that I have the privilege of raising at home. It can get pretty intense and I could feel at times I am losing my grip on the day to day but I am truly blessed to have my little family and they are a hoot.

It’s no wonder I started a blog about EVERYTHING, in fact I wanted to name this blog Nicole under the sun, but after taking a closer look I found that it abbreviates to “NUTS” and although we all are a little nuts, it made my next decision more clear…to definitely not name my blog that.

Isn’t life so much easier when the option is, well just one option?

I can attribute this to either my B type personality, the fact that I’m a Virgo (I don’t know much about  that but people like to say that kind of stuff) or that I simply have been known to be indecisive. It’s been a mission of mine to prove those around me wrong and that this was a myth, but it was true. I struggled to make even the simplest of choices, often this would come out when ordering at a restaurant or what nail color I should choose at the salon. It honestly was debilitating and frustrating for myself. My dear Husband who I will introduce in more detail at a later time, pointed it out, close friends and family would and of course my tortured self came to terms with it.

BUT there was hope I can do something about it. In Dmitry’s words he once told me, “just do what makes you happy.” Wow, really? I have heard this one before! I took a closer look at this profound (sarcastic cough) thought and my world would never be the same. I decided to do just that. I had uncovered the short cut to happiness.

I’m here to share with you my little decisions every day I make in fashion, fitness, healthy wholesome recipes, motherhood, life-hacks, and everything under the Sun. I invite you to this journey with me.