It’s time for a reboot: 5 tips for losing weight

Aren’t these shorts cute? I fell in love with them for the summer. But…. they don’t fit, yet. I have great plans for these shorts and plan to have a lot of fun in them this summer. In order to squeeze into them it means that its time to do a reboot. Since I started doing these 5 things a little over two months ago, I’ve lost 15 pounds (not including 30 pounds from my pregnancy weight totaling 45 pounds so far) and they just keep coming off! Start doing these 5 things to feel good, get more energized and loose weight! Here is what I did…

  1. Download this app: “Lose it! ”  Its free! I have done this before and it really worked for me in 2013 and again in 2017. I love the fact that I can track caloric intake, exercise, log my fitness goals, weight and get the encouragement and reminders along the way. It can get daunting at times listing all your food intake at first but it becomes just another thing you do on your smart phone and a good habit. When you are conscious of the food you eat you become self aware and mindful. It really works! I lost 22 pounds the last time I used it for my pre-pregnancy body goals. And now I have downloaded it again for my new goals to lose those extra pounds. Tip: I believe everything in moderation is a good start, have that cupcake but maybe not the whole cake. Or that chocolate bar is staring at you at 9pm, have a piece.  You can still have your treats and goodies but now you will be more mindful. I just love that I don’t feel deprived of foods that I crave while making this lifestyle change.
  2.  Toss all the processed, starches & sweets. Yup, this wasn’t easy. I’m a snacker and prefer them to a meal sometimes. What happens then is you are full with empty carbs and sugars to then only crave more food faster. Stick to 3 well portioned meals and add healthy snacks in between. Tip: Try healthy snacking like a hand full of raw almonds, carrots & hummus or an apple with almond butter for that snack you crave between meals that’s nutritious. Save the dessert for special occasions or reward yourself with a treat time to time.

  3. GO Green. I’m all for helping the environment but more importantly help yourself to lots and lots of SALAD & veggies. At any given meal I make at home or when going out I make sure to have salad and greens in every meal.The greener the leaner you will be! Favorites  when grocery shopping: baby spinach, arugula, kale, baby greens are to name a few. There are countless ways to enjoy your salad. Dress them up with more colorful veggies or yesterdays roasted veggies, tasty dressings and flavorful toppings like (my moms quick pickled onions). Try to avoid creamy dressings, croutons and nutrient empty ingredients on top. Drizzle with light olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, etc. You want to try to eat the rainbow as they say. Tip: Not a salad person? Start by adding salad to the bottom of your plate with the protein on top. Its a warm salad that you will fill you up and get you accustomed to the greens. Or start your weightless journey with a juice cleanse. There are plenty of cleanses and detoxes out there from the master cleanse (try to be by the bathroom for that one)  to just a 3 day cleanse. fad or not they do feel good afterwards and gives you a time to  restart. I will try this one after I am done nursing.
  4. Start Moving. After being pregnant two times in two years (it felt like forever) with the second pregnancy even harder on my body, I had fallen into a non-exercise routine. I use to run and go to the gym and take all sorts of combat & yoga classes but now with a toddler in one arm and a newborn in the other I was basically forced by nature to start being more active. It all started by making our day more versatile and enjoyable for us by walking to our nearest park. Its just over a mile and I do this almost everyday. Not only has this small habit of walking made me stronger postpartum it has help tone and contribute to my reboot and weight loss. Tip: Be your own hero and start walking everyday! Park further from the store, get a couple friends to walk with you, have a family walk time after dinner. We  do a nighttime “Percy walk” my daughter loves when we take my mom’s dog on a walk around the neighborhood.
  5. Portion Control. Last but not least! Don’t go back for seconds! Well unless its salad. Have a piece of lasagna but not a quarter of the lasagna. The rule I kind of came up with is I should be able to see the bottom on the plate or the “negative space” and when plating to have these three main components: protein, vegetables &  more protein & vegetables.This is the not so secret formula:  app + good food+ move = bod goals.None of these ideas are new or thought through by myself alone. Somethings are just inherently true. Eating better and exercise will lead to weight loss and a sustained healthy body. Its implementing these ideas is the difficult part and that is why I want to encourage everyone and especially moms who want to make a change but don’t know how or where to start. It’s hard to commit to a diet and so I’m happy this is not a diet. And I understood quickly with a second baby its only going to get harder before it gets easier with everything bit especially to start exercising.  From my own experience having active days with my girls has only helped my recovery and given me that energy I desperately need with all the sleep deprivation.

The best way to lose weight is when you are not trying to lose weight! Start implementing these 5 healthy habits today and reboot your life to a healthier slimmer you. A few weeks in it will become second nature and you will start craving healthier food, results will start to show, your skin will likely improve as mine has started to glow from my healthier lifestyle. Your body will thank you!

Here are the cute shorts from the H&M website.