Easy Overnight Oats ~Oats 3 ways~

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Who has time to make healthy tasty food in the mornings? Oh, then take time to eat it in peace and bliss with your cup of coffee and then clean it all up?

I know I don’t! Well I like to make more time for that extra snooze…And if you have a home full of mouths to feed its easy to be at the bottom of the totem poll by nature. I know I eat last and fast in the mornings. Often times I even forget to eat. I then feel like grabbing those sugary salty greasy snacks all day long.

WELL NOT ANYMORE! I created my variation of overnight oats and I have been sold for oats since!

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It hits all the categories on my list of what I look for in a meal especially in the morning. Is it healthy, yes√. Is it easy to make, yes√. Does it taste good, yes√. Will my toddler eat it, yes√. Is there a lot clean up, NO√. TELL ME MORE√!

In general I have had to grow to love oats since becoming more health conscious and I can say now after trying a few variations of oat prep I am convinced this is truly a food of champions! I personally have a hard time reaching for oatmeal in the morning. You have to grab the cooking pan, measure your oats, milk, water, boil, not over cook, not under cook and how many times have I forgotten them on the stove top and created a burnt-on mess!

I say eating oats three ways are going to land in your breakfast each week alternating them to your liking.

First :  4 ingrediant banana muffins 

Second: Dressed-up hot oatmeal (as pictured above). Its your typical prepared as instructed hot oats with a splash of Macadamia nut milk (or any milk) a little butter, sliced assorted fruits, hemp & chia seeds, a drizzle of honey and almond butter. YUM!

Third: My favorite! OVERNIGHT OATS all the way!

You simply combine the ingredients, let them sit overnight and you have a perfectly nutritious and delicious breakfast. You can consume it cold as I like or warm it up on those colder mornings.

There are SO many variations and creations you can make with this new staple recipe in your breakfast makings.  All the different fruit, nuts, nut butters, seeds, milk options etc. Possibilities are endless!

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Here is how to create Overnight Oats…

Measurements per 1 serving.


1 cup Oats

1 cup Almond milk (unsweetened)

1/2 cup blueberries & sliced banana

1 TBLs unsweetened coconut

1 tsp honey or agave

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp hemp seeds

1 tsp almond butter

Start with your preferred container. I found these adorable glass jars at the dollar store. They work perfect for this recipe! Or just use a simple cup with saran wrap over it.

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I like to start and end my oats with fruit so layer your blueberries and bananas on the bottom. (reserve some for the top)

Measure & pour your oats, chia seeds, almond milk & honey together. Stir them together until roughly incorporated. Add the remaining fruit, hemp seeds, and almond butter on top including some coconut. Get creative!

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Close the lid and store in refrigerator overnight. Wake up to your breakfast! 


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