Me & my Apple Watch

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This isn’t an Apple Watch review, this is an apology letter to all those who have tried to reach me between the years 2011-2016 & a half. 

I’ve had a few people ask me about the Apple watch and I am happy to share what I think and the oddly BIG impact its had on my life. I’m pragmatic, organized, careful, strategic, slightly O.C.D. & as my husband so lovingly calls me a “beautiful contradiction”, because I’m also a creative, care-free, mellow type of person that can’t seem to get to places on time and respond to a simple text.

I got the apple watch as a gift not long after Chloe was born last year. I was really skeptical of its purpose for me. I am NOT tech-savvy. (I should say I have a bigger learning curve in that department than most millennials). I was planning to return it before even opening the box.

To my surprise, it has done wonders for my life & I just had to share it with everyone!


I was really bad a two things (well I am bad at a lot of things). But these 2 were on the top of the list.

  1. I would be late. Too often.
  2. I didn’t respond to calls & texts. Promptly.

Its simple to respond when someone is reaching out.  Its to simple to be on time. Just do it right?

I takes more than an afterthought to make a change. Obves.

I remember my husband coming home from work early to take me out on a “date day” out. Got a sitter in place and everything. Not realizing that I should check my phone or take it off silent when he was trying to coordinate with me (I have this weird quirk, I keep my phone on silent for no apparent reason, its probably PTSD from school to have it on silent.. I might disturb someone ok? What can I say I am and was a rule follower.) ANYWAYS…  I was  completely out of the loop & unaware that I have this amazing husband who wants to spend time with me, took time off for me and I am on the other side of the city. I would be home no time soon because of traffic to only miss the opportunity of spending that extra quality time together we so desperately needed as new parents.

This was one of many other cases that appeared on and off for years and luckily I have found a solution. Besides, all the mindfulness in the world & force of will sometimes fail; that is why I call this watch my hero!

(Especially now it takes us an average of an hour for us to get out with the kiddos)

Hand to my heart, most of the time it was truly an innocent response (or lack there of.) And combination of these things: absent-mindedness, immaturity, and just selfishness. Over time the countless apologies, defensive explanations, and excuses all were wearing thin on those in my orbit.

I knew I had to change. To be more self aware and just be available! And that is were the Apple watch comes in.

Thanks to this amazing second screen on my wrist it solved both of my issues: the “what time is it? Oh no im late problem” & the “where is my phone?” problem.

Its so silly just even writing this out I am practically crying and laughing all at once because of how ridiculous all this sounds in my head, out loud & now written out.You know when you have an idea that you think is great, just brilliant and then you try to make it happen and its like really blah…anticlimactic maybe? Well, that maybe this post… lol… just hear me out!

It has done wonders to my response rate with messages, texts & availability overall. I can’t say I’m perfect now, but I’ve become more attentive , both with my time and response rate.

Basically what I am trying to say, is that you should get a smart watch! I LOVE my Apple watch since I use an iphone.

Here are more reasons (besides scoring brownie points with your closest people & crushing it at life ) why you should get the Apple Watch…

  • It syncs all my phone & apps with a single scan from my phone.
  • Fitness tracking & alerts.
  • Trendy fashion statement (cool interchangeable straps)
  • Vibrating silent alarm without waking your spouse or kids up.
  • The second generation watch is water proof up to a few meters.
  • It has excellent voice capture tech for texting and I can have conversations with the speaker just fine when I have two kids in both my arms.
  • Different watch faces everyday if you want. (I like Mickey Mouse as Naomi’s obsessed with Mickey telling me what time it is)
  • Apple pay with your wrist! You don’t even have to reach for your wallet when buying your smoothie!

I recommend this especially for fitness. It tracks your steps, customizes your goals, heart rate monitoring, breathing exercises & standing reminders if sitting too long etc. Dmitry and I have accountability to one another as we made it so both of us can see our goals and where we are at for the day or week. I believe I has helped me loose weight alongside my fitness journey and I’m only scratching the surface with these features.


I don’t have a perfect track record since getting it but its improved dramatically! Its not  JUST a glorified watch & I love it! Its novel and just a fun piece of technology for users like me and you!

Thank you for reading my blog! 

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