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Tummy issues, teething, tantrums, difficultly sleeping & colds are all common situations we find ourselves dealing with our little’s as parents. I have come across many products some that work well others not so much. These in my option are the top must have natural products that ACTUALLY WORK!

I was astounded that when my child needed something for a common cold, tummy issues, teething, YOU NAME IT…. that when turning to my pediatrician for recommendations I was given a list of either over the counter medicines or even prescriptions!

Isn’t there some giant old dusty book in their possession that has NATURAL REMEDIES for these common problems? Not to say that there isn’t a place for medicine but I know as a mother I would rather try all else before going that route if there isn’t medical intervention needed.

I also had a problem finding a list compiled with some homeopathic recommendations for these common ailments. Some of these products are found  online, at your local natural market or even at a Mom’s mecca… Target.

Here is what I keep around in my home pharmacy for my two beautiful daughters (2.5 years old & 7 months old)

(Note: ask your physician if your child can take any of the following listed. Be aware of the dose recommendations & usage of them. ALL personal review & opinion, this is not an ad. Although I would be happy to endorse these listed.)

Tummy issues

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

  • Colic calm: I also have this on my blog post for 10 must haves for new Moms ! This stuff really works & calms your baby for sure. It helps with colic & tummy issues. Purchased on Amazon $19.


  • Probionix Now this one I had to due some research to find a probiotic with BOTH lactoferrin bifidumbacterinIN many other common probiotic supplements there is usually only one of these present. (Like Gerber Soothe drops) BUT for the best probiotic health after doing some research both of these natural and good bacteria’s are essential for your digestion and proper tummy care. Purchased on Amazon $30.


  • mommy’s bliss Gripe water: Commonly used and recommended for the gas your little may encounter. This ones a trusty product. Purchased at Target, $8.

Tantrums & Sleep

  • Magnesium roll on stick: Typically magnesium is to strong for application to skin but this company created a safe formula with aloe  that is safe to be applied to skin either between the neck and shoulder or bottom of the feet for best results. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and tension. Often Naomi can’t stop moving her legs & this restlessness prevents her from falling asleep. By rolling this on the bottom of her feet its absorbed fast and within a few minutes she is calmer and then falls asleep. Purchased on Amazon $19.


  • Newton homeopathics Stress release Herbal drops  A couple of these drops & they work like magic to help calm your child for either tantrums or restlessness etc. I love this line of products. I use their skin care drops for my eczema and I believe it help as part of my vitamin consumption. Purchase at a natural market, $15.


  • siddha Temper tamer Spray just as described its labeled. Temper tamer indeed. Irritability, Short temper & tantrums. This alongside the book “The Strong willed child” & we will be okay! We are in the thick of navigating this so called “terrible twos” thing that we just hope passes real quick..but when our options are running out and so is our patience with a grumpy fussy toddler we grab this product to save the day! (lol) 😉 I think I’m crying a little bit & laughing because its just so hard sometimes. Purchase at a natural market, $20.

Teething & ColdsFullSizeRender (23).jpg

I just stand by this brand! Its easily accessible at nearly all common stores that sells kids products. Both the teething gel (comes in teething tablet form) & cold medicines are homeopathic and I see that they work for my girls.

  • Hylands teething gel or Teething tablets (not pictured), purchased at Target $8-$10.
  • Hylands cold &cough. Purchase at Target, $12

                        Some extra toddler & baby care routine recommendations! 

Alongside those needed moments to treat your child, there is preventative care that is good to do daily. Here is what I do… find a multivitamin for your toddler and needed vitamin supplements for your baby.

Vitamins & supplements

Its good to have a daily vitamins for your little and this brand is also an easy access brand found at many retail stores & markets. My daughter doesn’t mind the flavor which I’ve heard some people talk about.

FullSizeRender (19)

  • Zarbee’s  multivitamin also in gummy form!
  • Zarbee’s vitamin D drops usually pediatricians recommend that all children especially those nursing to take a vitamin D supplement which lacks the needed amount in nursing.

Skin care routine I use one of the following Mustella, Aveeno eczema therapy or Burt’s Bee’s baby lotion as part of a normal routine for my girls. Mustella was more around the newborn phase, Aveeno for the dryer summer months & B.Bee’s in between. Most importantly that your child’s skin gets that moisture and hydration that we all need to create for a daily routine and rhythm. I like to apply after bath for best reults (next post I will share my skin care & beauty routine for overall healthy skin adult edition)

FullSizeRender (22)

                                                          READ THE LABELS!!!

Its good to do your homework when looking for ONLY THE BEST y for your families well-being and health. When I wanted to avoid those prescriptions we were told to give our 5 month old I went to find the right ingredients recommended for digestion & tummy health. It wasn’t easy and even the writing was so tiny to see but I found what I needed after taking the few steps to getting the right product for my baby.

FullSizeRender (26)

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(Open to endorsing & advertising for these companies & products, however these are my personal reviews & opinions, not an ad.)

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