10 steps to AMAZING skin


10 steps to amazing skin!

I was taught from a young age by my mom to take care of my skin. I had to start early as early as elementary school when I was told I have eczema. It was so severe I had to use prescription lotions and creams daily to just not have the appearance of rashes & white spots on my skin. This made me very insecure as I clearly remember in the heat of Cali weather wearing long sleeve shirts and pants to school. I was soo not cool. Like ever from 1-12 grade. So not cool. lol.

We are all unique with different varying skin types with varying degrees of dryness, oils, acne, blemishes, scares & redness we want to cover up or just wash with soap and water. If that works for you and you are glowing, good for you!

But here are my recommendations to starting YOUR own skin care routine that fit anyone’s skin care needs! This goes for women & men alike!


Here are some ideas to add to your routine or give it that extra attention you may not have considered before… I’ve been doing it for 10 years now!

  1. TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE BED, everyday!  I personally CANNOT fall asleep for the life of me until I get it off!! I love make up especially when its fresh and looks so on-fleek, but by the end of the day when the sweat, dust, dirt, and remainder of whats on is so settled into the crevasses of my face I just want to peel that layer off my face! Plus it gets all over your silk pillow (which I also recommend for sleeping. Its cooling effect & natural material do good to your skin)
  2. WASH YOUR FACE WITH A GENTLE CLEANSER & TONER. The holy trinity of routines. Many products will toss them all into a bottle and sell it to you. I recommend individual use. A make up remover, I love my Neutrogeana wipes or any makeup removing wipes. I even tested the dollar store wipes to Neutrogeana & they work equally great! They take off EVERYTHING including the eyeliner & mascara so well & fast!For my cleanser I use Benefit  & for Toner I love the Rose water by Mario Badescu. Find them all at Ulta Beauty!


  3. DIET: A consistent diet of lots of good foods like vegetables, protein, low sugar intake, no processed foods & treats have not only allowed me to lose 37 pounds in 7 months solely with diet and light exercise, of the 60 pounds I have lost since having my baby 9 months ago but the result that SURPRISED me the most was how much my skin improved! I have little to no redness, rare acne & IT GLOWS! No seriously though I am blown away at how good I feel! I will not stop this new commitment to healthy eating & living. 
  4. ONCE A WEEK DO A SKIN Microdermabrasion OR FACE SCRUB daily. I got my PMD microderm as a gift from my amazing sister who recommended & gifted to me (#sistergoals) and I LOVE IT! (V-log + review coming soon!) I have only used it a few times, once a week as they recommend, and it has tightened, toned, & removes dead skin & made my face glow! Before that I would use a face scrub twice a week for my skin to be fresh & taken care of!                              pmdpackage-285x300
  5. MOISTURIZE MORNINGS & NIGHTS : Face neck & hands with a light moisturizer or in CC-cream, LOVE ‘IT COSMETICS’ for great coverage, glow & with SPF 50. I apply  in the mornings & before bed after removing make up also moisturize & liberally apply nighttime products to: FACE, NECK, CHEST, HANDS, FEET (they say that age is given away by your hands and neck the secret to elasticity is to keep it moisturized) I pair my cleanser & cream with the same brand, Benefit cosmetics, I love the light scent & use before bed. 2287679
  6. For underarm & bikini area I started using this great product called “Tend skin” I bought it on Target online and it really helps with redness, razor bumps & eliminates irritation. I recommend using that an use Coconut oil occasionally to provide extra nourishment & for more smooth skin in those sensitive areas.416nCDr+hCL._SY355_
  7. Try to use products with as little chemicals and perfumes as possible. Your skin literally absorbs what you put on it. Imagine all those chemicals. You don’t eat your lotion but your skin technically does so you kind of eat what you put on it ? RIGHT?
  8. Use sunblock all year round! I mentiond lotion with spf, I have this CC foundation cream by “IT cosmetics” that I ABSOLUTLY LOVE! It is a moisturizing, SPF, foundation, illuminating product that I use daily & all year long. I go down a shade in the fall/winter and up a shade in the spring/summer. Got mine at Ulta.
  9. Eye cream is a must. Start young ladies! I have some dark circles that have appeared in recent time, all my babies (ALL 2 of them) keep me up late and up early for a few years now.  I use Mark Badescu eye cream same brand as the Rose water toner spray & I love it! (got mine at Nordstrom).~~~  Just got my trail of EUPHORIA SKINCARE EYE  & FACE creams. I thought I’d give it a chance since this $150 value was only the cost of shipping. Its more a ‘gel’ than cream so it feels light & non- greasy. It goes on thick though so I would only recommend it for a night time regimen. ~~~
  10. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! Its for your health, ph balance, for your skin. I take my mulitviatmin, fish oil & vitamins D, C & E.

It adds up. Yes the cost of all the products us girls invest into our makeup, skincare, beauty all to please one another… you know that that is the truth. I’m here to encourage us to feel & look our best by taking care of ourselves. That you and I deserve to be pampered and treated to a skin care regimen. It amazes me just HOW HAPPY it makes me feel.

 I am the last one on the totem poll after everyone’s taken care of. To make the extra effort & energy in taking care of myself is not only investing into my well being but ultimately my families well-being. I am happier & healthier in fact because of it  and they are as well. Sure I have weeks where I just don’t tend to my skin and myself but then I don’t feel good about myself. You are worth it and need to take care of yourself ladies!

(Do you have a skin care and wellness routines for your baby or tot? Check these previous posts : TOP Natural Products. BABY edition & 10 must haves for new Moms to find what I use for my babes.)

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