Shortcut D.I.Y. mini Diaper Cake

Baby season seems to be all year round. These diaper cakes are a trend in the baby shower/ baby sprinkle department. . When looking for diaper cake tutorials it seemed that there were too MANY little steps that I just don’t have the patience for. What I did next was create a ‘shortcut diaper cake’ that isn’t too cumbersome to put together or take apart for the mama to be.

I wasn’t actually planning to post this one with each step by step image but its really simple if you follow these steps below!

Best part about this easy D.I.Y. is that you most likely have what you need at home and the cost is that of a small package of diapers. 



  1. 1 package of size Newborn Diapers, (about 40 diapers or less needed).  I used babyganics diapers because they are simple in print & white for the cake.
  2. Rubber bands- handful of thin & thicker ones
  3. 1Paper towel empty roll
  4. Your choice of ribbon/string/decor


  1. Take your diapers and start rolling them tightly from the ‘open’ part to the ‘folded’ part.
  2. Take the thin rubber band & loop around each diaper. (x5)
  3. Take your paper towel roll & the rolled diapers & line them up against the roll standing up. Use a larger rubber band to bind them together creating a first layer to the cake.  Do this for the first layer of each tier. 

    *For the bottom layer continue these steps increasing the amount until you get three layers. Not each diaper will need to be rubber band with the main layer. *You may need a larger rubber band for the bottom than the other top tiers.

  4. Second tier same method just create two layers.
  5. For the top layer use about a bunch of  diapers to make a ‘mini’ tier. Same method.
  6. To cover the rubber bands I used black & red ribbon to match the onesie I am putting as the topper for this cake! Simply with a hot glue gun securing the ribbon ends wrap each tier with the ribbon to cover the large rubber band holding the each tier together.

It should come together & look like something like this! FullSizeRender (28)

I love to improvise, that is basically all my life is (even with lots of thought & planning) So I added some rustic string as a second layer, I created this custom tag using butcher paper & a sticker letter with a memo on the back & to hold the ‘I ❤ selfies’ onesie I used a ribbon & tied it from top to bottom. 

Be creative & adjust as you go! I was really fun trying this out for the first time & I see myself making these for future baby events! 

I would love to see your creations! Tag me using #everythingunderthesunblog & follow me if you don’t on socail media! Good luck!


Best, Nicole 


Credit to:

googleimages, babyganics

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