1 year of blogging!

My Mission

March 2018 officially marks  the 1 year anniversary of Everything Under the Sun Blog! YAY!

Here is our little family ❤

Montage (20 of 124)

Shot in September by @therealmaryana. Go follow this girl she is amazing with photography!

I’m suuuper excited because the very fact that I even started writing and intentionally blogging alongside the pages of my journals has been fun, meaningful, growth-enabling, encouraging and an all around an AAAMAZING learning experience.

I can not wait for the next year what it has to offer and what new places E.U.T.S will go!

When I begun the blog I had just given birth to my second daughter, Chloe (two sweet girls under the age of 2) and fresh off a huge move from Seattle to OC.

I was looking for an outlet for a while after becoming a FULL time mama. Something to call my own and have an excuse to stay up late, baking my No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies or my 4 ingredient banana muffins . I love the idea that I can go hide a way a few hours, sit in a hip coffee shop & write.

Originally I was going to create only an Instagram account documenting my goals with weight loss and post about mom stuff and anything noteworthy. Well, I am happy and thankful to my husband Dmitry who encouraged me to dust off my laptop and start documenting my goals with weight loss and post about mom stuff and anything noteworthy in A BLOG! LOL.



I’m proud & excited to have reached out to several continents and tens of countries! THANK YOU for reading! I’m still blown away by how connected we can be!

As people grow and change so has my approach to the blog. No I did not stick to the one post a week I planned on. Yes I had weeks without any and this may be the first of the year… and its MARCH!

But its come more natural to have been focused on the social media side of my blog on Instagram (which I invite you to like and follow @everythingunderthesunblog ) with daily stories, videos, fitness tips, recipes and EVERYTHING in the details that matter to me which can matter to you!

What I have come to understand is that we are all very much alike in what are needs are BUT what really makes us all different and sets us apart is the DETAILS. The routines, products, foods, hobbies & EVERYTHING combined creates us all so unique and gives us a voice for who we are and what we are about.

That is why I believe that I am not just another blogger mom. (which was & is my insecurity with having a blog and being a mom, I AM PROUD OF IT!) Rather my mission and hope is not only to relate to my readers but offer a new perspective, helpful tips & recommendations. To maybe trigger an appreciation for a new craft idea, a helpful product,  a recipe or even make that BIG choice to starting a healthier lifestyle.


Fitness Update

It was March 2017 that I again after 3 years downloaded the “loose-it” app. Two kids later I had a goal of loosing 45 pounds to get to my “goal weight”, which seemed so hard and unattainable.

This BEFORE & AFTER picture shows where I was. One year ago and today.


I was 3 months postpartum in the before and now 15 months postpartum. Lots of pride & grace towards myself in both photos…back to back.

I lost just under 50 pounds on my own and 70 total since giving birth to my second baby!

I had gone down from a size 12 to a size 6!

I truly believe that making that change in your life is possible too in whatever stage of life you are in.

Eating healthy and exercise are what will help you sustain that healthy fit-life. Gain back that confidence and take care of YOURSELF because everyone deserves to look and more importantly FEEL GOOD!


I am healthier. I am happier. I am confident in who I was before and now.

A year ago my bad cholesterol outweighed the good… by a lot. Glucose was high now normal. Before my bad outweighed the good and now that has switched places. My B.M.I. (which always seems unreasonably calculated) is also in the right place. This along with a side by side health check up with a physician that I’ve improved my overall well being and health. PRAISE JESUS!

How I did it

I believe that if I can achieve my GOAL you can achieve your GOAL!

Every time someone has asked me how I did it I’d say the same thing. DIET &light exercise. But DIET.

The “loose-it” app was such a helpful tool to assist me in my wieght loss and fitness goals for the SECOND TIME that I have used it to achieve my goal weight. I highly recommend it! Check them out!

Such a satisfying snapshot! (not an ad) (for loose it or sprint lol)



For more details on how I began my new journey, I called it a ‘reboot’.  You can find out by going to, It’s time for a reboot: 5 tips for losing weight post. It will give you a more in depth perspective on how I started my goals.

But in short WHY my diet stuck is because I made it sustainable and I even ate what ever I wanted. It came down to self control and portion control.

It really mattered more what foods I started saying YES to rather than NO to. This positive approach helped me keep going and make less stops to Del Taco & to the fridge after the kids were in bed.

LEARN your eating habits!

I went for sugar when I felt tired. That is especially true in the afternoon and night when I had low energy. I’d reach for the muffins, cookies, sugary drinks and chips.

Being that I was sleep deprived it was hard but I had to get creative and start eating right to nourish my-body right for both me and my baby.

Lots of raw nuts, fruits & whole grain toasts with nut butters, avocado or a non-dairy smoothie would replace the easy fast snacks and sugars I’d normally intake.


Every meal was a choice whether I wanted to go forwards or backwards. I believe in FOOD FREEDOM like what you hear from many ‘whole30ers’ , ‘Paleo’, ‘Keto’ & other on-trend diets. I’d say if I were to describe my normal sustainable diet today it would probably closest to Paleo/whole30ish.

So of course I allow myself to have fries, mac n’cheese or a burger to reward myself but again it would be a treat and not my go-to type of food.


>I don’t go for seconds unless it is veggies or Salad> DRINK LOTS OF WATER> MEAL PLAN>I’D MAKE soup regularly with BONE BROTH for a meal daily> walk & light exercise daily>love my body where I’m at > always have goals.


MY Approach in the beginning was important. I went COLD TURKEY from sweets, breads, pasta, starches, dairy, sugar, caffeine & processed foods for the first two weeks.

This meant veggies, fruits, whole grains, proteins & again lots and lots of salad. I also had to eat enough to nurse and stay healthy for the both of us.

Your can look different with a cleanse to start or stick to a Whole30 or Paleo diet. Its really up to you!

The first 10 pounds I lost were the sweetest validation and gave me the motivation and encouragement to keep going.

As the weight came off it became second nature and easy to live in a new routine new purpose and healthier living. 

The Present

I am sustaining a diet + light exercise with the same approach I’ve had before and eating GOOD FOOD that’s GOOD FOR YOU!

I have new fitness goals. I’m currently doing a 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE to help tone up in general but also for our April Vegas getaway and continue to grow stronger with this simple 5 minute routine. 

30/30/30 reps of squats, sit-ups & push-ups.

Here is my silly time lapse of the 30 day challenge. lol. 


Hot Yoga is something I’d like to get back into again. Another reason to get out for an hour of me time 😉

START with what ever you can do. Even 5/5/5 reps each and work your way up especially if you are postpartum and have been cleared from your doctor to start exercise be patient and know that EVERYTHING counts. I found that walking 30 minutes a day was the best way to jump start my metabolism and energy to ease into a more active life!

The best way to incorporate new healthy habits into things you already do! Get that routine going!

I am also regularly present on social media sharing and crafting new healthy alternative recipes, from my kitchen through Instagram stories or just ANYTHING I’m obsessed over in the moment. LOTS MORE TO COME! Including my protein lemon bars! I’m going to dig these up from my Instagram archives. 


Protein Lemon Bars (gluten free & vegan)

Goals for E.U.T.S

 3 PART SPRING CLEANING series in the works! 


This includes DIY projects, tips & tutorials! HOPE YOU will join & SPRING CLEAN with me! 

What I would like to do in the future and if anyone is interested to collaborate or partner up for some extra fun and inspiration, DM me IM SO DOWN!

I would LOVE to hear what you would like to know more about, hear & see from this blog. i.e. Tutorials, more reflective posts, healthy- baking workshops, fashion diaries…etc. I have ideas tossed in my mind and a voice but would appreciate the help in narrowing down what exactly people want. 

Please DM on Instagram for your thoughts and feedback! 

Thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoyed the update. Remember to subscribe to never miss a post by going to the home page!


FIND ME ON INSTA @everythingunderthesun & add my personal INSTA @nicole_pinkvas






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