4 Ingredient Apple Tarte Tatin

“You are.. unforgettable…” that pop song was playing in my head with every bite of this 4 ingredient Apple Tarte Tatin. This may have replaced apple pie on Fourth of July & at Thanksgiving dinner.

Puff pastry, Apples, Sugar & Butter. That’s it. 


Hey I’m not saying that its calorie free but boy its worth it.

Before this I have never tried making this recipe. Its really fool proof!

It turned out so pretty, rustic & sure to please your dinner guests. 


I have spent countless hours watching food documentaries, cooking competitions, & the masters of the culinary world create the classics of french culinary perfection. In that I have composed a list of ‘ I MUST TRY TO MAKE THIS’  kind of recipes. This was one of them.

I am RAVING about  this recipe because of how easy, pretty & tasty it turns out!

Its like apple pies fancy- french cousin. lol

Follow the Method closely and it will come together perfectly!

I honestly love puff pastry to pie crust. I’ve never been crazy about pie crust. I find the texture is right in a puff pastry. Add the caramelized apple filling (or traditionally made with pear) is simply scrumptious and celebrates the simple ingredients you put into the dessert.

Aside from the daily more wholesome meals I cook, I ALWAYS go back to making some special treats to share, all made with love. #foodfreedom


6-8 Apples Medium sized. Peeled, cleaned up & cut in quarters. I used honey crisp & gala. Granny smith is good too.

1 stick of butter

1 cup of sugar

1 sheet of store bought pastry

Extras (optional): walnut pieces, pinch of allspice, 2 TBLspoons of lemon juice, hint of zest, sea salt for garnish.




Night before or few hours before. Take the peeled, quartered and cored apples and place in bowl uncovered in fridge over night. Add a little bit of lemon juice. This way there will be less moisture in the cooking process. (Its OK if they are browned they will be caramelized anyway.)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

You will need a stainless steel or cast iron skillet, 10 inch.

Have the puff pastry out of the freezer before starting on the caramel.

Stove top

Place skillet on medium-high heat.

Melt the stick of butter until bubbling

Add the sugar while stirring in. It will be clumpy and grainy. Keep stirrring and melting them together.

When the sugar has melted into the butter and has combined. Add the apples. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Just start cooking them with the  caramel. At first its a clear color then it slowly turns into a golden amber color. Add the extras at this time.

Important! Cook the apples one side at a time turning every 5 min for about 20 minutes total, but evenly, so the apples aren’t falling apart but have starting to caramelize and until the mixture becomes and amber like color. (the smell is heavenly)

Its ready when its bubbled to the place where the caramel wont be dripping from the spoon but slowly melting down. Again a amber color. The apples are soft but not hard or mushy.

Take off from heat.

Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured surface. Enough to fit over the skillet 9-10 in skillet.

Carefully lay out your apples with a fork,  peeled side down (to look concentric & pretty)

I added walnuts after the apples where laid out.

Then pour the rest of the caramel over the apples & nuts while hot.

Using a rolling pin or just two hands carefully lay the dough over the skillet.

Carefully again, do not to touch the hot caramel, ‘tuck the apples into bed’ with the dough. So basically with the excess dough start folding it slightly under the apples to create a pie-like fold or upside down pie. Trim or fold in the extra puff pastry.

The Oven

Place on center rack and bake for 20-25 min.

Remove once the pastry is golden brown.

Let cool for 15-20 min.


  • Using a knife scrape the sides of the pan to loosen the puff pastry.
  • Take a plate and with you oven mittens place it on top of the TATIN skillet & in one motion flip the plate with the skillet to be on top.
  • Before setting down and removing the skillet give it a little shake to make sure apples didn’t stick.
  • Then VOILA!!

Place apples back if out of order & serve warm with creme fraiche or fresh whip cream!


Apple Tarte Tatin


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