Chia gel eggs


Here is the easy 3 step substitute for eggs in your baking! Just make day before over night and you have a egg-like protien filled alternative. 

Also can be used as a chia pudding recipe just add almond milk & a bit of maple syrup or honey for sweetness!



2 tablespoons CHia seeds

1/4 cup water or almond milk

Honey or maple syrup (if making pudding)

  • In a small glass or plastic bowl add the ingredients together. 
  • Cover with plastic wrap
  • In fridge overnight
  • Use each one of the portions as 1 egg.

This will go perfectly with my 4 ingredient banana muffins , Protein Lemon BarsPumpkin-nana bread Easy Overnight Oats ~Oats 3 ways~ . Anywhere you see eggs needed or oatmeal flour based baking this will make it vegan!

Tag your creations #everythingunderthesunblog!



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