D.I.Y. Kitchen refresh under $40

Looking to refresh update or try a new look for your kitchen? Well look here to this easy & budget friendly alternative to a full reno by doing this D.I.Y. Kitchen refresh!

I recently moved into a new flat and we will be renting for the time being while settling down in O.C. We have been homeowners in the past and downsizing wasn’t the easiest choice we made but we are cozy & happier than ever in our humble abode.

I love to cook and life naturally happens around our kitchen so with every other room in the apartment transformed with our furniture and belongings the kitchen, although updated, was not quite finished.

While browsing the isles of Target where I find myself often I came across this idea when seeing this tile wallpaper in a roll.  I immediately thought, “I can put this up in the kitchen?”.. followed by.. ” But it would look cheap or cheesy? No.” So I didn’t get it.

Later after contemplating some more I looked up photos of the finished product others have posted & I was impressed at the results.


I posted this photo and I think I may have fooled a few with the fact that this giant sticker gave me the cozy rustic kitchen I’ve been dreaming of!

So here I have for you my review of “Devine color prints” & how to apply this look step by step.



Step 1. Buy the wallpaper. Its called Devine Color Prints Sold at Target for $34.99 for 27 sq ft. ( I used one roll & every square inch ) They have many different patterns and colors so check them out!

Step 2. Prep the walls. Just make sure they are clean with no excess dirt or dust. No rubbing alcohol needed!

Step 3. Get a straight edge, razor, pencil & scissors ready to use. YOU WILL NEED TO USE THESE!


Step 4. Measure from the bottom of the cabinet to the edge of the trim or the size of the wall you are planning to use. Mark your measurements to the wallpaper.

Step 5. Cut the piece out & paste.  The first one is the easiest. Next you will need to measure the pattern exactly to match the design. You want it to look like a tile layout a professional would do. Make each cut count & keep all scraps!

  • What I love about this wallpaper is that it is soooo forgiving. Yes I messed up a few times, it wasn’t & isn’t perfect (even though I’m O.C.D.) and I can un-stick this so easily and stick it right where I need it.

Step 6. Have patience & precision.  It took me a few hours from start to finish but I took breaks having too littles around and needing my attention.

  • At times I had to eye-ball the final result but I’m so happy with how it turned out!
  • Beware of the outlets! When coming across them I measured that space as needed and just cut with a razor directly off the wall.




It looks so real from anywhere you sit in my home & you can only tell when you come up close to inspect that its a giant sticker!

The 3D like design gives of the illusion that its textured & like the real thing! I would recommend this product to all!

This is the perfect alternative for a semi-permanent home, dorm, apartment & home to give you that trendy kitchen for under $40!

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Best, Nicole