Disneyland in 1 Day

Let me add to the title here a little bit (writing from a MOMS perspective) ‘How to Disneyland in 1 Day, also with toddlers’.



This is ones more of an excuse to look back on some amazing memories we made last year while going to Disney. We went once with my sister and brother in law (who were incredibly gracious and handy baby sitter for us) and a second time by ourselves. Sharing some cute pictures along with tips of what to do and see.


I think Disney sells itself really well with A L L the draw and hype around it. But I have heard lots of friends who still have never been.

(You guys I was born in Anaheim literally blocks away from Disneyland, I think they need to send me some lifetime passes yooo. Anyways…)

Its been fun seeing lots of friends come visit SoCal and others who have moved into the area. And when I ask many of them “Have you been to Disneyland?” most answered no and then had a series of questions and objections about going there.

Whats so special about it? Is it worth the $$$? Its crowded. Last but not least How did you do it with small kids & how do you do Disneyland in one day?

I think there is a common miss perception about Disneyland that its ONLY for kids & families.

On the contrary its THE perfect place to go on a date & if anything its very Romantic especially at night!


Lets just put aside all the prep, the checklists of things to do & see, ‘will we see enough?’, Mickey Mouse, the nursing, snacks, naps, too hot/ too cold weather (yes cold happens here), crowds & lines…pheww. You may ask “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOU, your kids & to Disneyland?”

On the drive to the park, on the tram that takes you to the park, at the ticketing line ‘$$$’, at the photo stop before entering the park & lastly to the first melt down 20ft into the park when Naomi wanted to take her socks off. haha . Lol. Cry face emoji. ‘I asked myself how are we going to do this?’


But, putting aside THE ANXIOUS pessimist inside of me, I put on the pragmatic/optimist hat for this particular adventure. We loaded up the double stroller and had two separate trips to Disneyland in 2017 both for one day. Both were great but came better prepared and equipped the second time with a few tricks up our sleeve.  

There is really something magical in the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH there is a way to make the most of your time even with little ones in one Day.



1.Buy your tickets in advance + MAXpass

I highly recommend this because you skip the LONG line & get the Maxpass.  For $20 more you get to cut the wait time in lines by reserving your place in line using the Disney MAXpass app. This allows you to plan out your day, make an  itinerary and move smoother through the rides & lands within the park.

It was so easy and WORTH the little extra you pay to save TIME to get on more rides.

We took turns on some rides that were not for little kids which were only 2 of them and the rest are FAMILY FRIENDLY. Chloe at 9 months went on Pirates of the Caribbean! So you get to experience all the fun together!

It feels sooo VIP. Enough said. 

2. Devise a game plan

You got maxpass. G R E A T. Now what? Start booking your rides and they give you an hour window to make the reservation. You can reserve two rides at a time. Pick which one in your proximety and still go on rides while waiting for your reservation.

IN GENRERAL THOUGH. While you are loading up your maxpass, we decided to do Disney clockwise.


Now Disney consists of a main alley that takes you straight to the castle with lots of shopping along the way with multiple themed “lands” to explore, taste, ride & see all around on your left & right. SAVE THE MAIN ALLEY SHOPS FOR LATER. (They are sooo smart at Disney. Although the park is closed the shops stay open an extra hour while you get those magnets & trinkets.$$)

Your eye is just wondering all directions pulling into the marvel of it all upon entering. It’s truly a wonderland! Its overwhelming especially to even take it all in. But, try to stick to the plan as much as possible & just get lost in the magic.

So again, what do I mean by clockwise? In example, the farthest area from the entrance is Toontown  behind the castle. Its at the ’12 o’clock’ hour if I were to point to it on a clock.

I start there because that’s were you can meet the main characters, parades begin (they go all day)  & end there. There are LOTS of fun places to explore all ages and a tot-lot too.. That way they can get to experience Disneyland with  Mickey & friends in the adorable back drop of the characters very own homes!



Grab some of the essential photos & autographs & by the time morning starts its nap time.


3. Avoiding the crowds

I don’t think there really is a time or special pocket in the week that has no crowds.

Maybe less crowds like after Christmas season & New Year? We went on a Tuesday and on a Monday and both were PACKED. So can’t help you there. I feel like every time I drive by there are swarms of people coming into the park! Try not to go on a weekend that’s basically all to it.

4. Eats & Must haves


Definitely come to feast with your eyes, its like sensory ooooverload but I will highlight what I’ve tried and some yummy goodies to try.

  • I loooove the world-famous turkey legs in the kiosks, the churro is always the first treat I get with my cappuccino & please get the beignets in the New Orleans corridor.

  • If you are going without the kiddos. I highly recommend getting a reservation at ‘Blue Bayou’. SO ROMANTIC. Its magically located inside a ride which is under a star lit sky (all day) with tasty creole creations & American classics. Quite the experience.

  • Dole whip. Just try it. 

  • Fresh kettle corn is everywhere.

  • You can bring your own food and drinks! I brought a lot of snacks & toddler friendly food that wasn’t easy to find or purchase at the park. (There are also bottle warming stations and nursing rooms around the park. aka lots of benches)

During one of our trips SoCal was having one of the biggest wind storms had seen all year. The fireworks even had to be canceled and after the sun went down in the winter there was a VERY brisk strong wind that carried into the evening.

We were down on snacks, gold fish, pouches and even water. Desperate for shelter & food lol. (Its hard to find indoor seating & eating  in the park as its mostly designed to keep you outdoors.)

  • This indoor indoor pizzeria/cafeteria came up with a salad bar located in Tomorrow-land. We took to our seats not expecting much from the food coming there for convience. I got the Chicken Cesar and we got slices of pizza to share.

This leads me to my next point.

5. Expect quality & cleanliness!!

This isn’t a tip but its my recommendation/stamp of approval to say again GO TO DISNEYLAND. 

(Especially if you get a chance during Christmas, more magic EVERYWHERE)

They set a high standard and it comes through EVERYWHERE in the park. Its clean, accessible, making it stroller city & the food is not a let down. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. 

6. Disneyland during Christmas


If you get a chance to go during the Christmas season, go! It REALLY adds to the magic you get of the park but the benefit of  the million dollar lights, shows, decor & Christmas on steroids experience you get! 

The weather is comfortable, light jackets, not too hot. I mean Santa & Mickey mouse on one float? I’m in. 

Imagine this. To top off our Christmas visit to the park we got some hot chocolate as we strolled the open shops topping off the night with snow fall, twinkling lights EVERYWHERE with a 100 foot real Christmas & castle for the backdrop. Romantic much? Oh, and we had two sleeping babies so we got to take turns and ride Space Mountain a few more times.


We stayed to the closing of the park both times. Straying from the schedules and routines and just got transported and lost in all the M A G I C.


(Fun fact, I have performed at Disneyland with my Chorale back in school days. I got to see the tunnels and the back stage of the park which is just as big or bigger than the park. WOW.)

So no, you will not see me there on stage lol. But, I really believe in the magic and its what you make of the time and day you have there. I believe there is some planning and with a few tips you can make some amazing memories. 

Hope you get a chance to visit soon! Ill write my thoughts and review of our Disney Cruise when we go in 2019!


Nicole IMG-3386.JPG




Shortcut D.I.Y. mini Diaper Cake

Baby season seems to be all year round. These diaper cakes are a trend in the baby shower/ baby sprinkle department. . When looking for diaper cake tutorials it seemed that there were too MANY little steps that I just don’t have the patience for. What I did next was create a ‘shortcut diaper cake’ that isn’t too cumbersome to put together or take apart for the mama to be.

I wasn’t actually planning to post this one with each step by step image but its really simple if you follow these steps below!

Best part about this easy D.I.Y. is that you most likely have what you need at home and the cost is that of a small package of diapers. 



  1. 1 package of size Newborn Diapers, (about 40 diapers or less needed).  I used babyganics diapers because they are simple in print & white for the cake.
  2. Rubber bands- handful of thin & thicker ones
  3. 1Paper towel empty roll
  4. Your choice of ribbon/string/decor


  1. Take your diapers and start rolling them tightly from the ‘open’ part to the ‘folded’ part.
  2. Take the thin rubber band & loop around each diaper. (x5)
  3. Take your paper towel roll & the rolled diapers & line them up against the roll standing up. Use a larger rubber band to bind them together creating a first layer to the cake.  Do this for the first layer of each tier. 

    *For the bottom layer continue these steps increasing the amount until you get three layers. Not each diaper will need to be rubber band with the main layer. *You may need a larger rubber band for the bottom than the other top tiers.

  4. Second tier same method just create two layers.
  5. For the top layer use about a bunch of  diapers to make a ‘mini’ tier. Same method.
  6. To cover the rubber bands I used black & red ribbon to match the onesie I am putting as the topper for this cake! Simply with a hot glue gun securing the ribbon ends wrap each tier with the ribbon to cover the large rubber band holding the each tier together.

It should come together & look like something like this! FullSizeRender (28)

I love to improvise, that is basically all my life is (even with lots of thought & planning) So I added some rustic string as a second layer, I created this custom tag using butcher paper & a sticker letter with a memo on the back & to hold the ‘I ❤ selfies’ onesie I used a ribbon & tied it from top to bottom. 

Be creative & adjust as you go! I was really fun trying this out for the first time & I see myself making these for future baby events! 

I would love to see your creations! Tag me using #everythingunderthesunblog & follow me if you don’t on socail media! Good luck!


Best, Nicole 


Credit to:

googleimages, babyganics

10 steps to AMAZING skin


10 steps to amazing skin!

I was taught from a young age by my mom to take care of my skin. I had to start early as early as elementary school when I was told I have eczema. It was so severe I had to use prescription lotions and creams daily to just not have the appearance of rashes & white spots on my skin. This made me very insecure as I clearly remember in the heat of Cali weather wearing long sleeve shirts and pants to school. I was soo not cool. Like ever from 1-12 grade. So not cool. lol.

We are all unique with different varying skin types with varying degrees of dryness, oils, acne, blemishes, scares & redness we want to cover up or just wash with soap and water. If that works for you and you are glowing, good for you!

But here are my recommendations to starting YOUR own skin care routine that fit anyone’s skin care needs! This goes for women & men alike!


Here are some ideas to add to your routine or give it that extra attention you may not have considered before… I’ve been doing it for 10 years now!

  1. TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE BED, everyday!  I personally CANNOT fall asleep for the life of me until I get it off!! I love make up especially when its fresh and looks so on-fleek, but by the end of the day when the sweat, dust, dirt, and remainder of whats on is so settled into the crevasses of my face I just want to peel that layer off my face! Plus it gets all over your silk pillow (which I also recommend for sleeping. Its cooling effect & natural material do good to your skin)
  2. WASH YOUR FACE WITH A GENTLE CLEANSER & TONER. The holy trinity of routines. Many products will toss them all into a bottle and sell it to you. I recommend individual use. A make up remover, I love my Neutrogeana wipes or any makeup removing wipes. I even tested the dollar store wipes to Neutrogeana & they work equally great! They take off EVERYTHING including the eyeliner & mascara so well & fast!For my cleanser I use Benefit  & for Toner I love the Rose water by Mario Badescu. Find them all at Ulta Beauty!


  3. DIET: A consistent diet of lots of good foods like vegetables, protein, low sugar intake, no processed foods & treats have not only allowed me to lose 37 pounds in 7 months solely with diet and light exercise, of the 60 pounds I have lost since having my baby 9 months ago but the result that SURPRISED me the most was how much my skin improved! I have little to no redness, rare acne & IT GLOWS! No seriously though I am blown away at how good I feel! I will not stop this new commitment to healthy eating & living. 
  4. ONCE A WEEK DO A SKIN Microdermabrasion OR FACE SCRUB daily. I got my PMD microderm as a gift from my amazing sister who recommended & gifted to me (#sistergoals) and I LOVE IT! (V-log + review coming soon!) I have only used it a few times, once a week as they recommend, and it has tightened, toned, & removes dead skin & made my face glow! Before that I would use a face scrub twice a week for my skin to be fresh & taken care of!                              pmdpackage-285x300
  5. MOISTURIZE MORNINGS & NIGHTS : Face neck & hands with a light moisturizer or in CC-cream, LOVE ‘IT COSMETICS’ for great coverage, glow & with SPF 50. I apply  in the mornings & before bed after removing make up also moisturize & liberally apply nighttime products to: FACE, NECK, CHEST, HANDS, FEET (they say that age is given away by your hands and neck the secret to elasticity is to keep it moisturized) I pair my cleanser & cream with the same brand, Benefit cosmetics, I love the light scent & use before bed. 2287679
  6. For underarm & bikini area I started using this great product called “Tend skin” I bought it on Target online and it really helps with redness, razor bumps & eliminates irritation. I recommend using that an use Coconut oil occasionally to provide extra nourishment & for more smooth skin in those sensitive areas.416nCDr+hCL._SY355_
  7. Try to use products with as little chemicals and perfumes as possible. Your skin literally absorbs what you put on it. Imagine all those chemicals. You don’t eat your lotion but your skin technically does so you kind of eat what you put on it ? RIGHT?
  8. Use sunblock all year round! I mentiond lotion with spf, I have this CC foundation cream by “IT cosmetics” that I ABSOLUTLY LOVE! It is a moisturizing, SPF, foundation, illuminating product that I use daily & all year long. I go down a shade in the fall/winter and up a shade in the spring/summer. Got mine at Ulta.
  9. Eye cream is a must. Start young ladies! I have some dark circles that have appeared in recent time, all my babies (ALL 2 of them) keep me up late and up early for a few years now.  I use Mark Badescu eye cream same brand as the Rose water toner spray & I love it! (got mine at Nordstrom).~~~  Just got my trail of EUPHORIA SKINCARE EYE  & FACE creams. I thought I’d give it a chance since this $150 value was only the cost of shipping. Its more a ‘gel’ than cream so it feels light & non- greasy. It goes on thick though so I would only recommend it for a night time regimen. ~~~
  10. TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! Its for your health, ph balance, for your skin. I take my mulitviatmin, fish oil & vitamins D, C & E.

It adds up. Yes the cost of all the products us girls invest into our makeup, skincare, beauty all to please one another… you know that that is the truth. I’m here to encourage us to feel & look our best by taking care of ourselves. That you and I deserve to be pampered and treated to a skin care regimen. It amazes me just HOW HAPPY it makes me feel.

 I am the last one on the totem poll after everyone’s taken care of. To make the extra effort & energy in taking care of myself is not only investing into my well being but ultimately my families well-being. I am happier & healthier in fact because of it  and they are as well. Sure I have weeks where I just don’t tend to my skin and myself but then I don’t feel good about myself. You are worth it and need to take care of yourself ladies!

(Do you have a skin care and wellness routines for your baby or tot? Check these previous posts : TOP Natural Products. BABY edition & 10 must haves for new Moms to find what I use for my babes.)

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TOP Natural Products. BABY edition


Tummy issues, teething, tantrums, difficultly sleeping & colds are all common situations we find ourselves dealing with our little’s as parents. I have come across many products some that work well others not so much. These in my option are the top must have natural products that ACTUALLY WORK!

I was astounded that when my child needed something for a common cold, tummy issues, teething, YOU NAME IT…. that when turning to my pediatrician for recommendations I was given a list of either over the counter medicines or even prescriptions!

Isn’t there some giant old dusty book in their possession that has NATURAL REMEDIES for these common problems? Not to say that there isn’t a place for medicine but I know as a mother I would rather try all else before going that route if there isn’t medical intervention needed.

I also had a problem finding a list compiled with some homeopathic recommendations for these common ailments. Some of these products are found  online, at your local natural market or even at a Mom’s mecca… Target.

Here is what I keep around in my home pharmacy for my two beautiful daughters (2.5 years old & 7 months old)

(Note: ask your physician if your child can take any of the following listed. Be aware of the dose recommendations & usage of them. ALL personal review & opinion, this is not an ad. Although I would be happy to endorse these listed.)

Tummy issues

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

  • Colic calm: I also have this on my blog post for 10 must haves for new Moms ! This stuff really works & calms your baby for sure. It helps with colic & tummy issues. Purchased on Amazon $19.


  • Probionix Now this one I had to due some research to find a probiotic with BOTH lactoferrin bifidumbacterinIN many other common probiotic supplements there is usually only one of these present. (Like Gerber Soothe drops) BUT for the best probiotic health after doing some research both of these natural and good bacteria’s are essential for your digestion and proper tummy care. Purchased on Amazon $30.


  • mommy’s bliss Gripe water: Commonly used and recommended for the gas your little may encounter. This ones a trusty product. Purchased at Target, $8.

Tantrums & Sleep

  • Magnesium roll on stick: Typically magnesium is to strong for application to skin but this company created a safe formula with aloe  that is safe to be applied to skin either between the neck and shoulder or bottom of the feet for best results. Magnesium relaxes the muscles and tension. Often Naomi can’t stop moving her legs & this restlessness prevents her from falling asleep. By rolling this on the bottom of her feet its absorbed fast and within a few minutes she is calmer and then falls asleep. Purchased on Amazon $19.


  • Newton homeopathics Stress release Herbal drops  A couple of these drops & they work like magic to help calm your child for either tantrums or restlessness etc. I love this line of products. I use their skin care drops for my eczema and I believe it help as part of my vitamin consumption. Purchase at a natural market, $15.


  • siddha Temper tamer Spray just as described its labeled. Temper tamer indeed. Irritability, Short temper & tantrums. This alongside the book “The Strong willed child” & we will be okay! We are in the thick of navigating this so called “terrible twos” thing that we just hope passes real quick..but when our options are running out and so is our patience with a grumpy fussy toddler we grab this product to save the day! (lol) 😉 I think I’m crying a little bit & laughing because its just so hard sometimes. Purchase at a natural market, $20.

Teething & ColdsFullSizeRender (23).jpg

I just stand by this brand! Its easily accessible at nearly all common stores that sells kids products. Both the teething gel (comes in teething tablet form) & cold medicines are homeopathic and I see that they work for my girls.

  • Hylands teething gel or Teething tablets (not pictured), purchased at Target $8-$10.
  • Hylands cold &cough. Purchase at Target, $12

                        Some extra toddler & baby care routine recommendations! 

Alongside those needed moments to treat your child, there is preventative care that is good to do daily. Here is what I do… find a multivitamin for your toddler and needed vitamin supplements for your baby.

Vitamins & supplements

Its good to have a daily vitamins for your little and this brand is also an easy access brand found at many retail stores & markets. My daughter doesn’t mind the flavor which I’ve heard some people talk about.

FullSizeRender (19)

  • Zarbee’s  multivitamin also in gummy form!
  • Zarbee’s vitamin D drops usually pediatricians recommend that all children especially those nursing to take a vitamin D supplement which lacks the needed amount in nursing.

Skin care routine I use one of the following Mustella, Aveeno eczema therapy or Burt’s Bee’s baby lotion as part of a normal routine for my girls. Mustella was more around the newborn phase, Aveeno for the dryer summer months & B.Bee’s in between. Most importantly that your child’s skin gets that moisture and hydration that we all need to create for a daily routine and rhythm. I like to apply after bath for best reults (next post I will share my skin care & beauty routine for overall healthy skin adult edition)

FullSizeRender (22)

                                                          READ THE LABELS!!!

Its good to do your homework when looking for ONLY THE BEST y for your families well-being and health. When I wanted to avoid those prescriptions we were told to give our 5 month old I went to find the right ingredients recommended for digestion & tummy health. It wasn’t easy and even the writing was so tiny to see but I found what I needed after taking the few steps to getting the right product for my baby.

FullSizeRender (26)

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(Open to endorsing & advertising for these companies & products, however these are my personal reviews & opinions, not an ad.)

Strawberry FROYO POPS

unnamed (18)

These strawberry FROYO POPS are both kid & adult approved! They are so simple to make and you can use this as a base for dozens of froyo combinations! 1 Secret ingredient ties this summer staple together.  

I know I crave ice cream to beat the heat. My little one also loves this magical treat. But as I have grown more conscious of what goes into them in shops or stores it has become a rare occasion to go them. UNTIL NOW!

I came up with this homemade recipe to recreate the magical froyo experience with all the refreshing flavors you find at your local froyo shop for a fraction of the suspicious ingredients, sugar, cost & guilt! 

In fact only 5 ingredients are used to make these FROYO POPS. 


2 cups strawberries

1 cup vanilla yogurt

1 tbls honey

3/4 almond milk

1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt

For the forms, I got mine from Ikea. They were about $2 for a mold of six. They are perfect for these and are reusable!

YES, the SECRET INGREDIENT is Pink Himalayan salt! Just a pinch or two to cut the sweetness and balance out the flavors. Trust me on this one. 

Instructions: (Makes 9 pops with the Ikea molds)


Wash, dry & remove stems from strawberries.

*HACK FOR REMOVING STRAWBERRY STEMS!* Using a straw insert into bottom of strawberry and pierce through stem on opposite end. You then have a de-stemmed strawberry and you are not cutting off too much berry off the ends! TA DAH!

Place 1 1/2 cups of strawberries into food processor to create a strawberry puree. Yum! Add your 1 Tbls of honey and then pulse a few more times to incorporate.  It should look something like this.

In a bowl add the cup of yogurt (Greek yogurt is good too but then I would add some more honey and almond milk to cut through the thickness and tart). Then add the strawberry puree & the almond milk. Next add the SECRET INGREDIENT, the salt! Just a dash or two of ground salt. Stir again.

Next pour into the molds.

With the left over 1/2 cup of strawberries chop finely and sprinkle on top of the molds.

Place in freezer for about 2 hours or until frozen!


unnamed (19)

Reserve any remaining mixture for next day when you refill your pops! Hope you enjoy!

Best, Nicole

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10 must haves for new Moms


We just got off of a full Mothers day weekend and I want to wish all the mama’s grinding away this fine Monday and each and every day, Happy Happy Mother’s Day and  thank you for all that you do. ( I love you MAMA)

I also want to encourage you that you are doing so good and continue making the difference in your family in your home and to all those surrounding you! You are amazing!

It can be pretty overwhelming. You are expecting your first baby to arrive soon and you are starting the next chapter of your new life, caring for your newborn. That is a lot to process mentally, then physically carry and deliver your baby. All you want is the best for you little one when you come home to a beautifully prepared oasis for yourself and new bundle of joy. Your nursery.

I remember walking down the baby aisle at Target half way into my first pregnancy just feeling MANY emotions (as many pregnant ladies do) I had  ALL THE FEELS. Yes,I was excited and happy but I felt lost, super overwhelmed, and unprepared seeing the amount of baby products out there. There was an endless selection of diapers, pumps, creams, nursery items, and many many other products I didn’t know existed or had knowledge of until after giving birth to Naomi. I would read magazines catered to new moms and still have the same question at the end, ” But, WHAT DO I ACTUALLY NEED?”

Besides the basics of your nursery your crib, changing station, rocking chair what are the everyday things you just can’t do without?

I’m going to go on a rant real quick…good luck picking your stroller because OMG there are SO many to choose from! But we went with Uppa baby from many recommendations and we love it! We got the Vista model and its fantastic. We went for a convertible stroller because we saw that it will last us through multiple kids and hold multiple kids which we do now! It’s the stroller that grows with you and is customizable to your liking. It was a higher end purchase among our baby purchases but we absolutely love it and use it everyday and have only had a positive experience with the brand.

Oh…one more thought, and your choice of diaper brands. I love Honest diapers with the mission behind the brand how adorable they are and stuff, until I found out that we go through up to 10 diapers a day and that quickly changed our minds to see so much money literally going into the garbage can. Coming from my experience we ended up using Huggies with Naomi as she was a long and lean baby and with Chloe only Pampers fit just right around her chubbiness.

They say it all depends on your baby and each baby is different, that is actually true. That is why we have SO much to choose from! 

With all that was at my disposal then and now & with what I’ve experienced so far with fist and second baby…

Here are my 10 must have for new moms

  1. The Diaper Genie: It really works! I tried as much as possible to have the minimalist look in our nursery and with baby gear in general. I was skeptical on this one until I realized I couldn’t go on without it!  Its sleek,  super convenient & odor proof! It fits lots of diapers, you will surely need it.c26-B001BMWABI-1-l
  2.  Stretchy cover for car seat & nursing. I love these stretchy covers. Its so useful for nursing. Unlike other covers this one doesn’t fall off or flap with the wind. It breathes, its light and it doubles as a great car seat cover. They come in many cute & fun prints like this one!71gi5NaceWL._SX522_
  3. Mustella products: baby shampoo, lotion & cleansing wash. Its my favorite for its gentle formula, mild scent & the cleansing wash is a good alternative to a sponge bath.
  4. Lansinoh nursing pads & Lanolin cream This was a huge life savor for a nursing mom. (A whole other world opened up with having your first baby and subject I will write about in a later post.)I love the light and super absorbent pads & the super helpful cream to help with nursing.
  5.  Bourdeas Butt Cream Its my favorite for diaper rashes The thickest formula I’ve tried and it really sticks to your babies butt!81tNYlCPdDL._SX522_
  6. Rock n’ Play Its been a life savor! A great alternative place to put your baby for naps and as a bassinet for a short while. Especially if your baby likes to be held in your arms for sleep and it helps with acid reflex. We have the automatic rocking options and sounds I’d recommend the extras. It’s super light and folds easy for travel. We absolutely love this thing! 71DPyVxGATL._SX522_
  7. Colic Calm The handy helper when you have tried it all and your baby just needs help calming down. It helps gas and colic in babies. Its homeopathic and we call it the magic sauce. It really works! Ask your pediatrician before use for uses and dose info.81+p1EoyglL._SX522_
  8. Diaper changing pad liner Where were you all my life?! I only got this with my second it has saved me countless times when diaper changes go rouge. I haven’t had to wash our pretty changing cover once in these 4 months of use.81E9bnzHtpL._SX522_
  9. baby swing (We use the Craddle & Swing) Which ever one you go with just get one! As much as we love rocking and holding our littles we need a break too. It is just perfect for naps and its another safe place for your baby to be entertained in for many months of pure baby bliss. 61fDYPr69BL._SY679_
  10. Bath sponge cushion. This one is so simple yet so functional. I love that its so soft, keeps baby warm during the bath, and its is so economical. The contoured shape forms to your little one perfectly. For bath time we tried all the fancy-shmancy products and we would come back to this one every time!61U3kXH5fDL._SY679_

Technically speaking only you need a 3 things to be ready for your baby: a crib, blanket, an outfit & yourself (for breastfeeding). That is how I imagine its been since the beginning of time. But of course now we want all the creature comforts for our baby and ourselves and ONLY the best for our little ones. And that is good. I am so grateful for the time we live in because we are just too BLESSED with how good we live.

With all that in mind I hope my top ten baby must haves were helpful or insightful for your baby registry, or add-ons to your current baby repertoire, and that these things make your day to day baby life just a little easier!

Thank you so much for reading my mommy blogger post!

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